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  • Solana Network Upgrades Explained, EigenLayer vs. $MOTHER & More

Solana Network Upgrades Explained, EigenLayer vs. $MOTHER & More

Also: How to avoid CEX headaches with Sphere.

Welcome back!

This is J264G and this week I’ve got these titbits for you:

  • Network Upgrades: New Firedancer updates and Mainnet 1.18.15 goes live.

  • Crypto Ramps: Avoid CEX headaches with Sphere’s Offloader Wallet. 

  • OTC Evolution: Explore deBridge’s new global OTC desk for 13+ chains.

We can learn a lot from the maestro, Roger Federer. For example: For crypto to succeed, intensity and focus aren't enough — we also need clarity. 

More on this later, but for now, let’s jump right into this week’s newsletter!

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Crypto Clarity

Life is multifaceted.

So nothing is as good or bad as it seems.

When something appears overwhelmingly positive, it may still carry hidden challenges or downsides. Conversely, when an event seems entirely negative, it often contains opportunities for growth, learning, or unforeseen benefits.

Embracing this philosophy encourages a more realistic and resilient mindset — fostering a balanced approach to challenges and opportunities alike.

In crypto, however, we can't seem to appreciate this.

We're stuck in endless trench warfare, arguing about which tech is better and whether memecoins — regardless of which shape and size — are a worthy cause or not.

Last time I checked, we're building decentralised networks. In this context, all censorship resistant permissionless systems are good — period. And as far as memecoins go, DOGE is as sensible or foolish as WIF, and PEPE is as sensible or foolish as MICHI.

Neither you nor I am the arbiter of truth.

Who is to say that EigenLayer is morally admirable and $MOTHER is not, or that friend.tech is pivotal to the global social fabric, while Jupiter is not?

I'm not saying that we can't have opinions or push the envelope through healthy competition, but we should refrain from starting crusades and upholding arbitrary moral standards.

We're here to build censorship resistant permissionless systems, and lower the barriers to entry for the disenfranchised and younger generations so that they can participate in the global economy.

We're not here to tell people what to do or think.

I feverishly support every single user, developer, builder, marketer, researcher, journalist, and investor in crypto — regardless whether they spend their time or focus on Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Solana.

The current economic system is not providing the stability, opportunities, and support that we need to thrive. Addressing these issues requires comprehensive policy reforms aimed at making education, housing, healthcare, and employment more accessible and equitable. 

But let's be honest, that won't happen. The current economic system is falling apart in front of our eyes, and we have the unique opportunity to build a better future for us all — powered by blockchains.

The quarrelsomeness in crypto needs to stop.

Let's work together and leverage our collective strengths. By pooling our resources and expertise, we can tackle today's challenges more effectively than when working in isolation. 

As long as we don't grasp and accept this, our fate will be sealed as a quirky part of the internet that invites constant ridicule from the establishment.

Censorship resistant permissionless networks, in all colours and flavours, can be a force for good — it's high time that we gain this clarity and act accordingly.

Chart Of The Week

News Bites

Network Upgrade: Solana Mainnet 1.18.15 is now recommended for general release. Among the upgrades, the biggest one is probably the Central Scheduler. You can nerd out about it here and here.

Network Resilience: Currently, Solana primarily relies on two active validator clients: Solana Labs and Jito. As such, the development of new validator clients such as Firedancer, Sig, and Tinydancer represents a significant step forward — ensuring both client diversity and network resilience. In this context, Kevin Bowers recently gave an update on Firedancer's roadmap and rollout.

Crypto Ramps: On and offboarding via centralised exchanges is a hassle. Roll call: How often did a CEX tell you that you can't withdraw funds to your wallet “because of issues on the Solana network”? Or how often did you have to deal with CEX shenanigans when you wanted to withdraw fiat to your bank account for horrendous fees? Forget all that and use Sphere's Offloader Wallet instead. The solution enables you to send USD and EUR directly to your bank account effortlessly and with minimal fees — no CEX required.

OTC Evolution: With the new global OTC desk from deBridge institutions and users can complete fully non-custodial OTC deals between 13+ chains — on their own terms, with guaranteed rates, and counterparty selectability.

Priority Fee Tracker: Block space and priority fees have become hot topics in the Solana ecosystem and beyond. In order to keep up with Solana’s priority fees, Triton One has created a new tracker — check it out here.

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