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  • Solana’s Innovative Growth Hack, New Move-2-Earn Game On Solana & More

Solana’s Innovative Growth Hack, New Move-2-Earn Game On Solana & More

Also: Farcaster ships support for Solana.

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This is J264G and this week I’ve got these titbits for you:

  • Growth Hacking: The WEN coin team is turbocharging Solana’s distribution. 

  • Move-2-Earn: Moonwalk, a new M2E game on Solana, just dropped.

  • Decentralised Social: Farcaster has shipped support for Solana.

So … Barron's, a magazine/newspaper published since 1921, doesn't seem to understand crypto dynamics.


Anyway, I’ll be over here spreading the crypto gospel ⬇️

Now, let’s dive into this week’s edition!

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High-Performance Bridging

Increasingly, users have a unique appreciation for fast settlement times, low transaction costs, and high-throughput applications — and this sentiment is only growing.

As the market wakes up to the potential of Solana, there’s an obvious question — can Solana DeFi facilitate the fast and efficient flow of capital to/from Solana? 

Until now, the answer has been “no”.

With the introduction of deBridge, however, things are changing.

In the past three months, deBridge has settled over $310M in volume between Solana and other chains, and onboarded ~25,000 new users to Solana. 

Let’s take a look at what’s behind this growth and what we can learn from it.

  • Speed 

With any classic liquidity pool-based bridge, settlement times are limited to the guaranteed finality of the source chain — that means waiting minutes in the case of most L2s, and 10–20 minutes in the case of Ethereum. 

In the context of how fast things move in DeFi, those wait times might as well be hours.

Instead, with a 0-TVL intents-based approach, deBridge settles cross-chain trades/bridge transfers in milliseconds in the case of L2s, and seconds in the case of Ethereum. 

  • Capital-Efficiency

When AMMs and liquidity pools are involved — which is the case with conventional bridges — users will incur slippage and MEV losses.

And as the order size grows, slippage only becomes prohibitively pricier. 

In deBridge’s approach, however, orders are settled with 4-8bps spreads on virtually any size — nearly instantly. 

  • User Experience

The old bridging model doesn't only mean dealing with long wait times, as well as slippage and MEV losses — wrapped assets, stuck bridge transfers, and opaque receiving amounts are also common occurrences.

Together, all of these aspects create huge friction in the process of bridging to/from Solana.

Even more than frictions, these are blockers — limiting Solana’s utility in applications like cross-chain payments, for example, where it’s a must to have a guaranteed receiving amount.

deBridge fixes this. 

With our approach, any team can create a global on-ramp to their Solana application without compromises on UX — with virtually instant settlement, native asset exchange, deep liquidity and efficiency, and guaranteed outcomes.

We believe that high-performance infrastructure enables higher capital efficiency with lower capital requirements — this is true for both deBridge, which can process millions of dollars in volume each day without any statically locked liquidity, and Solana, which can process larger trading volumes than most other chains despite having a smaller TVL.

As more and more people discover crypto, we believe that high-performance bridging will continue to dominate the landscape — after all, it’s the only solution that can live up to the on-chain future we all strive for.

Alex is the cofounder and CEO of deBridge and DLN, where he focuses on protocol design, product management, partnerships, and operations.

Numbers Of The Week

News Bites

Move-2-Earn: When you think back, you’ll probably remember STEPN — the first move-to-earn game on Solana that really took off. So what's this cycle’s M2E game? Simple: Moonwalk.

Pioneering Security: Phantom continues to roll out industry-leading security features — such as spam detection, transaction previews, and more — to protect users from crypto scams.

Curbing Drains: $300 million have been stolen through wallet drains in 2023. Lighthouse — an open-source tool — has set out to curb this development and hopes to be integrated in as many Solana wallets as possible.

Decentralised Social: Farcaster has shipped support for Solana — allowing users to connect their Phantom wallets to accounts, and developers to build on frames in the Warpcast feed. 

Growth Hacking: If you read my newsletter regularly, you know that I’m a massive proponent of scaling crypto’s distribution. And who does just that? The WEN coin team. They have acquired @TweetsOfCats, a 𝕏 account that is both on-brand and has a sizeable following of 1.5M — allowing WEN to reach even more people outside our crypto bubble.

Easy Tax: If you're a Tensorians holder, you're in luck! Just recently, Tensor rolled out “Taxorian”, a tool that allows Tensorians holders to quickly export and manage all their NFT transactions — making tax season a breeze.

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